Glitter Tattoo / Dezign Me!

Glitter tattoos are THE thing to have at your event. Suitable for young children through to teens/adults alike, and they last for at least three days! Glitter tattoos are perfect for pool parties as the tattoo doesn’t wash off and they won’t sweat off in the heat.

Glitter tattoos are applied with a self-adhesive stencil, cosmetic adhesive and the highest grade cosmetic glitter.

Glitter Tattoo Me!

Perfect for kiddie discos and mixed age parties

Glitter Tattoo Party  -  Duration - 1.5 hr - 15 children - $150 /2 hr - 20 children - $200 (2 tattoos per child)

Tattoo Me!

INK IS IN! Perfect for teen/tween boys! Also fantastic for corporate parties!

Wassup dude! Want the INK experience without the pain? You get 2 medium "air-brush like" tattoos & 1 black Mica powder tribal tattoo per person! These tattoos can last up to 7 days, and look just like "inked" tattoos. Great for street cred at school We can include glitter tattoos for those who prefer a "bit of bling" in their life!

Tattoo Party  -  Duration – 1.5 hours -  10 children – $155 ( 1 x black mica or glitter tattoo & 2 x medium "air-brush" like tattoos per child

Glitter Dezign Me!

WOW! Watch this space! Coming in 2014